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SOLD – Gas Station for Lease in Hartford CT

Looking for an owner-operator for a well-established Gas Station available for lease in Hartford County, CT. This location consistently achieves impressive results, with monthly gas sales exceeding 140,000 - 150,000 gallons (5 cents per gallon profit) and inside sales totaling $40,000 per month. Additionally, the location features a cash ATM generating an average of $150 per month in extra income.

The rent for this prime real estate is attractively priced at $7,500 per month, with key money options available at $225,000 for a 10-year lease or $150,000 for a 5-year lease. The price is negotiable but proof of funds is required before initiating negotiation. What sets this opportunity apart is that the landlord covers the costs of water, sewer, property taxes, and property maintenance, making it a headache-free business to run. To obtain the precise address and a detailed breakdown of the numbers, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will need to be signed. Inventory is estimated to be around $35,000 - 45,000 but the buyer should have it counted prior to closing to avoid overpaying.

The location operates for 17 hours a day and is situated on a highly trafficked road.

Please note: The numbers provided are as reported by the seller. Prospective buyers should conduct their own thorough due diligence, as the broker is not responsible for number verification. Picture above is a stock image for illustration purposes only.

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